Sunday, 27 December 2009


Bloody Christmas!
The best thing about Christmas has to be Christmas Day! The reason? It's the end of all the build and bollocks that starts in August! If you don't have something by Christmas Day then you aren't going to have it, so you can't worry about things anymore! Plus, it's a day of doing very little, which is more than welcome after all the frantic shopping and worrying about whether Aunty Margo already has this set of jams, or if Great Uncle Derek will like this set of rachets. Ragh!
Anyway, it's all over now, just got New Year to get over with! I always feel that New Year's eve is always a let down somehow, it's never the big amazing wonderous event that you see on tv and things, not to mention nobody ever knows what they are doing!

Over all, I say RAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

Friday, 25 September 2009

The gibbering idiot with midnight mash

First week of classes is over, and I think the course is going to be good! I've met some nice people and my tutors all seem nice, which is always good! I just wish I could stop talking! I'm still in scared mode so I keep talking, I must look ever so confident and friendly and things but I just feel like such an idiot! All I want to do is sit in a corner with my mouth closed, but no it takes over and I waffle! egh! I should start to relax soon, and hopefully shut the hell up! I'm sure everyone hates me, I'm so sodding annoying!!!

Met a Finnish guy too, and can I remember any of my Finnish, no! Always happens, I'm fine but as soon as I need to use it the confidence and words vanish from my mind! May be a good excuse to get the books back out though, I'm sure my standards have dropped terribly with lack use, which is a shame really as I got quite good at one point! May help my English grammar too, get the verb classes and things like that stuck in my head. Hmmm...

Went out last night too, that was weird, but nice! Cheap night at Adelphi with Stu, Ian and Sarah. I like their company I think we make a nice little group of friends. Hoping to go bowling sometime soon with them too, it's only round the corner too. Not to sure how I will cope with bowling with my crappy hands, but it will be funny if nothing else!

In random news, I burned my hand making instant mash at midnight last night! I blame the bowls, I poured the water in from the kettle and it slouched round and up the other side burning my hand, which was annoying, but at least I don't have much feeling in them ha ha!

Nicky found a recipe for panda bread today, I'm going to have to make some, not too sure how it will come out gluten free, but it's worth a go. Could be good at parties and things, could make all sorts of shapes and colors etc....hmmmm

Sunday, 13 September 2009

soil and cats

I finally got some soil today!!!! The garden centre we got it from was a bit wierd though, they were just about to close the gate but let us in anyway, and we got said soil (and some pansys) then they drove out after us. They don't even close the door, just put a piece of wood across so the rabbits don't get in! Weird!
We went to a garden centre before hand but it was one of those silly ones that's expensive and sells daft things like wellies and candles. They had a cat though, he was lovely I rubbed his belly and made plans to steal him!

I start uni tomorrow and I'm starting to get scared now, I'm not worried about the course but all those people! Egh! I think I'm just going to try to get to uni a touch early each lesson, that way I can be seated and things already. I shall hide under the desks!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Been attacking the nasturtiums today, they need cutting back, I've hacked back about half of them, didn't want to get rid of them all as the bees likes them, so I will wait now until they finish flowering and start to die off. I can't believe how many seeds they have made though! I have so many in tubs drying out, and more yet outside on the soil and still on the plants, I'm going to have to give them out to people on the street! :P

I start back at uni next week, I can't wait, I'm so excited quite like a child at Christmas! I'm bit scared though, so many new people and new schedule etc, I think I shall hide in a corner and become that odd girl who never speaks and is always in the library! Bit bothered about the lighting too thanks to my crap eyes, but the optometrist at the hospital said I should get some tinted glasses from the opticians, shouldn't cost too much either as I don't need any prescription lenses. I had a bit of a look about the other day and I should be able to get some for less than £40 which is quite good, I may get some tomorrow when I go shopping with mum. It has also been recommended, by more than one doctor, that I get checked for dyslexia, as I can't focus on pages of text very well, even though I can read, I'm not thick before people start to think that of me!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'm making soap today! They are for my friend's hen night on Saturday, goodie bags are being made for everyone and I said I would make some soaps to go in. I've done some strawberries, and some clear round soaps with red hearts in them. Just waiting for them to cool and finish now and then I will be packaging and photographing them, of course.

Someone in the local area has lost their cat, I feel so sorry for them, I keep looking for it as it's only from two streets away. They have put adverts on the lampposts and I just heard it read out on the lost pets section on Radio Lancashire, so sad, I hope they find her, I will keep looking!

I've been entering magazine competitions again, just puzzles in the weekly magazines. I like to fill them in anyway, so I may as well send in the answers and see if I can get some cash out of it, costs nothing to do as you can enter online! May send in some 'tips' and some photos to see if I can get on those pages too! I shall take over the world of women's weekly magazines! That reminds me, it's Thursday, My Weekly is out today, I shall have to ask Stu to pick it up for me on his way back from work. I have a story in my mind that I'm going to write and send in, would be nice to see my writing in a magazine, don' know what name to use though, hmmmm?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Stu is off work this week and it's going quite nicely! Mum stayed over on Sunday night and she spoiled us with Dominos pizza and a bottle of red wine! Monday was spent in Wigan, sadly another trip to the dentist for a drilling of the face, but that's it now for another six months, and hopefully that will be just a check up with no work......hopefully!!! Anyway, as normal I got compensatory books, quite a few in fact, but The Works have another sale on so they were super cheap! I do love it there, I miss the one we used to have in Preston, I hope it will come back, the Wigan one re-opened so there is hope for it!

Saturday was meant to be a day rest for me, however that morning I got a letter from the hospital telling me I had an appointment that day! So off we went to the eye people and spent a fun filled three hours in Royal Preston Hospital. My eye sight is great I have no problems with the usual glasses type stuffs, and they did my eye pressure too which is weird! They put numbing drops into your eye and then touch your eyeball with what can best be described as a giant ballpoint pen. It's so strange as you don't blink or move away or anything! So, I'm going back in two months time, and in the mean time I will see (pardon the pun) some other eye folks, to test for micro squints, dyslexia, Irlen syndrome and various other randomness. It's looking like I do have some sort of eye/visual type rubbishness, but what it is still remains a surprise! :)

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight which should be nice. Stu is cooking as I'm half dead, honey and mustard chicken, which I'm looking forward too, it's something I quite like! I'm going to make a chocolate torte, but Stu is going to have to do the whipping of the cream, under my direction of course! ;)

Cat related news: Lucy likes Doritos, Eddie likes chocolate, so we have to hide these things now to stop them getting ill, and both cats can't be fobbed off with crushing worming tablets into their food!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Death and Garlic

Discovered two of our fish have died today, and the others are seriously not looking good, severe fin rot has set in! I blame Pets at Home, the tank was fine, we buy two new fish, and *poof* death and destruction in an aquatic type manner! As I type Stu is wondering the aisles of Pets at Home with a sample of the tank's water and a generally saddened and annoyed manner. Let's hope we can save the others! Stu has threatened to get rid of the tank if they all die, I would find that quite sad though as I do like the fish, but it is a lot of work for Stu, cleaning them out and things. Anyway, we shall see how it goes.

I have done a tiny bit of gardening today, not too much though as I feel rather off at the moment. I trimmed back the nasturtians and hanging tomatoes, I'm hoping to get quite a few tomatoes in the next couple of weeks, it's full! I also re potted the garlic, as it has been slowly drowning! I took the bulbs out, which have come on loads, emptied out the waterlogged soil, popped two holes in the bottom of the trough and replanted with new soil. Hopefully, they will come on a little faster now they don't need armbands!
I rehomed some caterpillars too, they are most welcome to chill out on the nasturtians as there is an abundance of them, but they get forcibly removed from anywhere else! After looking at a website I have found out that I moved two cabbage white butterfly caterpillers, one drinkermoth and another spikey one that seems to be 'helpfully' labelled 53, ahhh well!

In cat news, Lucy has decided she is partial to coffee cake! *sigh* Part cat, part Labrador!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

University and presents

I got a letter yesterday telling me I've got into university, so in September I shall once again be gracing the corridors of UCLAN. I'm really looking forward to it and wish it was next week I was starting! I hope the funding won't be a problem, it shouldn't be, I know I'm eligible for various things, but the worry is always there. I will fill in the forms soon, most of them aren't available yet. And yes, me being me, I have even started my book list, I think it's good to be organised and I just knew that I wouldn't be able to afford lots of books all in one go at the start of term, plus if I know in advance I can keep an eye out in the charity shops, and hopefully save some money, which I always need to do!

My friend has given me lots of soap making things, so I have been playing with it all and I have to say I think I'm addicted already! Practice is the key to these things, and if lots can be put in, then I'm hoping to be able to make some to give out as presents at Christmas.

Another thing that I'm thinking of as an option for presents are notebooks. I bought a cheap, very tack notebook the other day and yesterday I backed it in a lovely poppy print piece of material, that incidentally cost me nothing as it was part of the free sample horde! I'm very pleased with the way that it has come out, well, except the fact that there is an image on each page, I didn't know this when I bought it as it was plastic wrapped! Lesson learned; check pages!

Monday, 13 July 2009


They are driving me mad!!! Both of the cats have fleas at the moment and seem to be determined to share them with anyone and anything! The house has undergone a severe deep cleaning in an attempt to kill off the little buggers. My poor ankles are bitten to bits, I don't seem to react well to bites either, they puff up in big lumps. We seem to be getting on top of things now though, so hopefully a fleafree end is in sight.

University is still a situation of great stupidity! I decided that I want to English so I went to tell them this and found out that the course I had applied for wasn't running now, so I would have had to have chosen something else anyway! So, I'm now awaiting news of a place on BA English Language Studies! *sigh*

Friday, 26 June 2009

I blame Stu

for my lack of posting! I have to share the laptop with him at the moment as his has sadly keeled over and died, so I haven't really been spending that much time online, so I'm blaming that for the HUGE gaps in space between posts :D

I'm still waiting to hear from uni about if I have a place or not, but it has been exams and results etc so I was kinda expecting them to be a bit slower than normal, but I would still like to know! I'm starting to panic too as to whether or not it's the right choice for me, I'm sure it is but if it isn't and I really hate it I can always drop out or simply swap over to something else.....again! I just wish I could do Medicine, that would make things so so much easier, but I can't and so I have to do something that in the back of my head I will always know is something I wouldn't be doing otherwise, it's second best and will never have the whole of my heart behind it.

In other news, I may be getting a charity shop! I have emailed the muscular dystrophy folks and told them that I would like to start up a charity shop and they have said they will have discussions about it, so there is a glimmer of hope there! I'm not too sure how I will cope with all of this but I have decided that I will be a behind the scenes person. I don't think that it would be fair to put me on a rota for work as I can't say when I would be able to do it.

I went to watch the Sally Naden show on Monday with Mum at BBC Radio Lancashire and it was really good! We are most certainly going to be going again, and they even asked me if I would like to be a guest on the panel! I think I will wait for that though until I'm back at uni and/or have a charity shop, that way I actually have something to talk about! :P

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Well, I've been told I have mitochondrial myopathy, not been tested exactly or been told which version of MM I have....but this is what I've been told to write on forms and stuff, so we shall go with that :p There's a link in the side bar bit if you wish to know more about it.

In other news, I hate summer!!!!!!!! I hate the heat,, I hate the clothes, I hate the way people turn into idiots in beer gardens etc etc......

As for uni I'm still no further on, should fill in some forms though really, in fact I may well do that now!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Well we didn't win but we got into the top 5 which considering the run of nil points for the last few years I think we did quite well!

Anyway...still no hospital news, as per, I'm awaiting some more NHS letters to appear as I'm being referred to other departments and being recalled to Neurology etc, there may even be a day trip to hospital if they want blood tests as I have a HUGE phobia of needles and so need to be given diazapam and so they may want me to go in and sit on a bed for the day to make sure I don't explode or something, to be honest I'm not too sure why, but hey it will be a fun filled trip out for me :p

University is getting closer, ever so slowly! I feel at the moment like I'm just doing things so that I can tick the boxes to say that I have done them! Still at least I'm getting closer to being back in the classroom! I have even thought up an idea for a future career, greeting card designing! I'm going to start now, then when I get to university I will already be able to use photoshop/flash/illustrator at a basic level at least. I do have a new found love of illustrator though, may be getting a graphics tablet off a friend soon too, which should add unknown dimensions of joy! :D

Sunday, 3 May 2009

So, I'm applying for Creative and Cultural Industries (web & multimedia), apparently there's no moving them on the A level thing with Neuroscience, so sod them! I think this is a very unfair way of doing things, it doesn't encourage mature students back to education at all. Anyway, I don't have to re-apply or anything as I'm going through Fresh Start, the bumf should arrive in the week so I will fill it in and send it off asap, I want to know I have a place at uni, I can start organising myself then, I find it hard to cope with open ends and unknowns.
Still no hospital news though, I rang the doctors on Friday and they haven't heard anything so I'm going to have to ring the hospital and moan at them a bit more! It's been 6 weeks since my MRI and 4 weeks since the response tests, I'm so fed up with having to wait! I know several people who have got ill, gone to the doctors, been diagnosed and treated in a couple of weeks or months, after 6 years I'm getting pissed off!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Don't know what's going on with uclan, they rang me to say they don't think I can do Neuroscience as I don't have an A level in science (I'm 25, how is it relevent!?) but I explained that I was told there wasn't going to be a problem and that I actually want to go part-time anyway. This apparently should make a difference so woman on phone has emailed the Neuroscience course leader and is ringing me back....yesterday! I assume the course leader hasn't emailed her back so there is no news as of yet. I'm so confused I really don't know what I'm doing at all, and if I don't do Neuroscience, which is something I'm mearly settling for anyway, then I don't know what to do, I've thought about web and multimedia though. I was thinking I like to design websites etc and was going to teach myself flash anyway, plus if I could do web design I could work from home, maybe with Stu on some projects, never know! It may be worth a try but I'm not too sure if I would be able to stick at something I didn't choose first off.

Still no hospital news

Monday, 20 April 2009

The weather is very nice at the moment, we went to the pub on the docks yesterday with mum and jeff and it felt so nice to be able to sit outside. May go to the park tomorrow, I haven't been to the cafe there yet and it's been open about 12 months!
I was in garden this morning, it's coming on really well, I've planted up all of my hanging baskets and there are seeds and bulbs sprouting everywhere. I planted some more seeds this morning so hopefully they will take soon, chilli plants, melons and hanging tomatos. I planted an onion too, I took it out of the fridge as it was growing roots! I'm not too sure what will happen with it, but it will be fun finding out!
I'm hoping to go to the doctor's tomorrow, will have to ring up in the morning let's hope that we have some news from the hospital!
I still haven't heard anything from uclan yet either which is starting to annoy me, they said that I would have heard before Easter and I haven't. ahhh well!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I haven't posted in a while but then again I haven't really been online that much, the Internet is boring me at the moment, all those pages and I can't seem to find anything interesting!
So, what have I been up to while avoiding the interwebs?
I didn't make it to the Rasmus gig, I got as far as the train station, and while waiting for the train realise there was no way I was going to be able to get the train, walk to the gig, stand there for two hours and then get home, as much as Manchester hospital is meant to be nice I didn't fancy a trip there. What a shame I had spent all that money for nothing; gig tickets, train tickets, taxi to the station! Stu was very good with me though and we had a glass of wine on the station while I tried to contact people who may buy my tickets (couldn't find anyone) and then we called into the pub for one, we had to walk past anyway on the way to the taxi place, so it would have been rude not to, and anyway, I needed to rest! It was quite nice to be out having a drink though, so all wasn't lost, just angry at myself for buying the tickets in the first place, I'm always too ill to go to places and do things, so I don't know why I buy tickets anymore, never again.
Over Easter we have seen both sets of parents, met up with Stu's family in town on the Friday and had a mooch about the shops before getting soaked and coming home again! We saw Mum and Jeff on Sunday and went to Bowland, with a picnic as it was a nice day. I spoke to a lady from the local owl sanctuary, she had a sweet little owl with her called Tiddles, it's made me want an owl now ha ha!
Bank holiday Monday we did the traditional trip to the shops and bought stuff for the garden! Poundland has a great range of things, even plants! I'm hoping to get into the garden maybe tomorrow and plant up the things I bought, it's been too miserable today, and to be honest so have I!
In general the garden is coming on, I have things starting to shoot up all over the place, even in tubs on the various window sills inside, the office is quite a greenhouse! I need to get the walls painted and some trellises put up now really before too many things start to grow, I'm thinking it will all look rather nice by the end of the summer, I shall have to take some photos of it's progression.

Still no news from the hospital or from UCLAN, bit miffed with both if I'm honest, I may start ringing people if I don't hear anything in a few days.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Just come back from the tests at the hospital, was a bit weird and slightly boring if anything. The first test I had some wires stuck on my head (with goop that I'm going to have to wash out) and I had to watch an alternating checkerboard, was annoying but hey. The second one I had some more wires put on my hips and spine and an electrode attached to my ankle, it sent a pulse out which made my toes switch. I think the worse thing about today would be the way the EEG ward is at the other side to the entrance, so you have to walk for what seems like miles!
I'm going to watch The Rasmus with Stu tonight in Manchester, I'm going to be so tired, I wish I could just click my fingers and be there, getting to places and be so tiring.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Had quite a productive day today considering I had a late start due to not being able to breathe very well this morning! I've made a pin cushion out of a free sample of material from my sample stash tin, and I've planted up some pots with some salad seeds that came free in the post, and with some of the bulbs I bought ages ago from the pound shop, they were starting to sprout so I thought I should plant them up really! The living room window now has tomato seeds in it too as the pepper seeds I planted are sprouting wondrously in there, it gets so sunny and warm during the day! The other things are in the office window, just until they establish themselves, then they can be put outside.
I need to get some more planters and things really so I think a trip to pound land is in order, I shall work out what I need to get first of all and stick to the list, as I'm on a super saver fortnight at the moment!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Been into town shopping with mum today, of course as it's tuesday I have bought some excellent broken jewellery off the market stall, and a few pieces of cheese may have been gathered too (not off the same stall!) I picked up some books from the oxfam bookshop, and even manged to get one from the list of things I saw in borders, so that was a bonus!
A man in the coffee bar we went to was talking to us today, he was so nice and friendly, but not in a scary way, he was asking about my walking stick and why I had it, again I longed for the day to come when I can just say I have...but I explained it all and he was nice. I felt so sorry for him though, he was telling us how he was engaged about ten years ago to a girl he had been with for five years, and one day he woke up, and she was dead. That must be so horrible, you must ask yourself so many what ifs, what if I had woken up earlier, what if I rolled over and hurt her, what if she had been shouting and I didn't hear....would take some time to heal that wound.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Today was to be draftproofing day, I got a letter saying they would be here 'in the morning' (vague as always) so I got up and dressed at 8am. This is difficult for me as I'm as ill person and normally only get up at 11am at the earliest. So I sat about since then, and nothing! I rang them when it was about quarter to 12 to find out what was going on etc. Apparently, the details of my house were wrong (I have 20 doors according to them!) and everyone was confused etc, so nothing happened with it. They coming on Monday now, in the afternoon, I would like to note! I would be less annoyed if they hadn't done a half arsed job of my cavity wall insulation, gah to them! They came to do it, at silly am, messed about for aaages with the van and came to the conclusion that they couldn't drive it down the backs, so I could have have the front of the house insulated. They start to unload everything and finally realised they did have everything and would have to come back the next day at silly am, of course!
I told the woman on the phone this today, she was actually nice, and she said she will send a different team on Monday, John and John are coming, they proper builder men in their 50s, not the dizzy useless 20-odd year old div's I got last time!

After all this I went to Borders for coffee with Nicky and AK, this was most soothing, as was the cross stitch magazine I simply HAD to buy, hee hee. I've subscribed (again) to it today, as I keep buying it anyway! I cancelled the writers magazine subscription too, so it balances out well! :D

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The MRI went fine, the images are being sent to my neurologist and it should be a week or two before he gets back to me, depending on how many patients he has at the moment etc. I'm still hoping it will be sooner rather than later, also hoping that they will know what's wrong with me from the images and that I won't need a lumbar punch, that scares me!
I'm going for my MRI scan tonight, I'm excited about the actual scan, but I'm scared about the results, but I guess that's quite natural. I hope I don't have to wait too long for the results though, knowing the NHS it could be years til I get them, have to allow time for them to lose them and accidently send them to Africa and back first!

I've started work on a Howl's Moving Castle cross stitch, it's looking quite good and has lots of block colors so I'm getting through it quite quickly. I'm stitching it for Stu and it's going to go in the office when it's done.

Anyway, just a short post, I'm going to make a quick cake, before I have a bath!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've finished the cherub!!!!!! I'm so happy that's over with, damn thing, it's been going on and on for so long! Will take a photo tomorrow, maybe when it's framed, I think I'll put it in an oval frame I bought the other week, I have quite a few frames, so I can play about and see what it looks best in.
I stitched a card for Mother's day too, I got to use my pretty variegated thread that I've wanted to use for ages too, so that was a bonus!

I got a card and some presents off the cats today for Mother's day, I got a shower cap with a big pink cat on, and a candle holder with dangley cats on that turn round when the candle is lit, it's really nice! :D

Anyway, bedtime now!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Egh! Just come back in from taking the photos at Darkcide, I'm not exactly feeling amazing! Tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day of pain and general eghness! I should have stayed in tonight really and rested, but no, I had photos to take and things so I went, and danced to about 3 songs, I'm a div!

Not done much stitching or anything today, just sat about being ill really. Hoping to finish the cherub of doom off tomorrow! Stu picked me up some threads I wanted today from the market, I sent him with a list which he handed to the lady on the stall, in a confused manner.

Mum coming over tomorrow, briefly, I think they are going on to Glasson Dock, I have been invited too (Stu going to Kendal to see his Mum) but I think I'm going to have to stay in a be sore instead :( Ahh well, Mum dropping off the fabric samples that I posted to her house, so I will have them to play with! I may be able to start a new project tomorrow if I get this infernal cherub finished!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Today has been a very creative day! I've finished off the bracelet for my Mum's mothers day present, so that's in it's box that I got yesterday, and ready to give to her. I think I will try and stitch a card tonight too, or maybe tomorrow.

I've started work on a charm bracelet for myself too. I've used a ready made T bar clasp bracelet, removed 8 or 9 links from it, and have started to put on the smaller items I've been finding on the market stall that sells broken jewellery. It's looking quite good and I'm looking forward to going back to the stall next week to find some more things to add to it!

I got a letter today off UCLAN, asking me to send them in a list of my grades from my year at Huddersfield University, so I shall try and send that off tomorrow, and hopefully they will get back to me by the end of the week, hopefully!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I had a nice day today, I bought some good broken jewellery I should be able to do lots of things with, and I now have lots of fabric too, I still don't know what I'm going to do with it though, but it doesn't go off or anything so I guess it can just sit there until I get round to thinking of something to do with it.

UCAS news: I'm too thick to do medicine, they told me to fuck off, oh well

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I've been quite creative today, I've finished off some stitching presents I've made for some friends and I think I may try and finish off something else before I go to bed, but I may do some reading or something else instead, my head hurts now :(

The weather is certainly looking up, I actually hung some washing out to dry on the line, I haven't done that yet this year. The garden is looking better too, I'm hoping to grow some sweet peas up the trunk of the plum tree Mum and Jeff brought over. The flower bed and two troughs are all planted up now too so they will look great when they start to flower. I'm looking forward to having somewhere pretty to sit in the better weather, I'm going to get a table and chairs set to put outside. I can take tea in the garden with friends ha ha!

Going to the market tomorrow, hoping to buy some broken jewellery gems to make into nice new pretty things for myself and others. Having lunch at the university with AK and Nicky and then I think we may be venturing to Abakhan for cheap fabric, whoop! I feel more creative days approaching! :)

Still no UCAS news.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm exhausted today, I went into town with Mum yesterday, so today is an official day of sofa and crafting! I have a few things I want to finish, so I shall see how much I can do today, then I think I may get the massive Autumn Fairy back out! This cross stitch is HUGE, I started it about a year ago but I just had it on a large frame and I was struggling to hold it, so it got put away, but I have a stand now, so I think it's time it saw the light of day again, just hope the faffing about setting it up doesn't put me off.....again! :p

I cleaned and fixed three broken bracelets I bought from the car boot the other day, and they look great, in fact Mum has rub off with one of them as she has earrings that match it, she says ha ha, it was too big for me and my midget wrists anyway, and untakeinable :P The other two are mine though, one of them I'm very proud of as it was dirty as hell and in three pieces, it took aaaages to find on the stall, but I did and now it looks fab, just wish I had taken some before photos, I shall have to remember to do this with the next batch I get, that will be Thursday, I'm actually excited it's quite sad! :p

In other news, we think Eddie may have broken his tail! He isn't holding it correctly and it's all lumpy and obviously sore when we touch it in a certain place, but he seems happy enough and is jumping up onto things just fine and is coming for snuggles in bed etc, so he can't be in too much pain or anything. We shall keep an eye on him for a few days and if there is no change then I think we shall be taking a trip to the vet, which is going to be fun as Eddie HATES the basket, egh!

Still no UCAS news!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tea and cake!

The teaparty went really well, the cakes I baked came out just as I wanted them to do and best of all quite a few people turned up! People enjoyed themselves and a few others have said they would like to have a teaparty too, I could have started a trend! I think we will be having another one in the future, would be nice to have it Alice in Wonderland themed! I'm so happy people turned up, and not only that, they enjoyed themselves which is always important. It was nice to have a party that wasn't booze and loud music centered, or at night, having a party in the afternoon works out well as people can come before children need to go to bed, or before they go on a night out to pubs and clubs.

Mun and Jeff met Stu's parents for the first time tonight, and they seemed to get along well. There was never too much worry about it though as they are quite similar people, same temperament, sense of humour, etc. I'm glad they have met though, was starting to feel a bit weird them not meeting after 1year and 9 months of being with Stu!

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a day of doing very little! I'm going to be so so tired, but there isn't anything that needs to be done, so I shall have to just relax with a book and a peppermint tea! We may have some people over in the evening for wine and (of course) cake! We need to have people over to get rid of this damn cake, Stu can't possibly eat it all! I think party bags will be given out next time! :D

All in all it's not been a bad day, although I do now have the urge to buy cake tins of many shapes!

Friday, 13 March 2009

I now have a star shaped chocolate cake and a loaf tin shaped carrot cake! I haven't iced them yet, not too sure what I'm going to do exactly, but I'll think of something! Think I'm going to make some biscuits tonight too, and then finish stuff off tomorrow!

I have an appointment for my MRI scan now, March 25th at 7.15pm, which I thought was a rather random time for a hospital appointment!

Still no UCAS news, of course.
I got a letter from the hospital today asking me to call them up and make a 'mutually convenient appointment' with them for an MRI scan, but they are closed 12-2pm so I will ring them in a bit, hopefully I won't have to wait too long for an appointment. I will have to make it on a Monday or a Thursday though, as Mum is off then and will simply have to come with me, in that way she always has to, ha ha!

I got a couple more free samples of material today, still nothing from Dalton Mill though, I'm building it up in my head I just know I will be disappointed! I did get a free book today though, by Stuart Maconie, it's about the northwest, so I will have a leaf through that later on.

I don't know what to make for the teaparty tomorrow, I'm so scared of nobody turning up, people always drop out of coming to my parties and things, I don't want to be left with a table full of cake and nobody to eat it, espically as I can't eat wheat and gluten! I sent a reminder around people last night, via facebook, so hopefully people will come. I always worry about nobody coming, which is silly as I don't like crowds of people either ha ha! At least I can be tight chested, nervous and popular though :p I think I will make some biscuits soon, and use the new cat shaped cookie cutter I bought yesterday, I should probably try out the star shaped cake tin too! That's going to be fun to line! agh!

Still no UCAS news!

Thursday, 12 March 2009


After trapsing round Chorley charity shops all day, leaving myself half dead, I am very pleased to announce I now have a three tier silver cake stand! Last bloody shop we went in and I had to ask as it was in the stockroom, but I got it, and I'm so happy! I also got a star shaped cake tin, 3 pairs of cat socks (socks with cats on, not socks for cats but that would be cool), a pair of eyes for the towel cat, cheese, some books and other random objects! All in all it can be said that we had a good shop!

My free samples of fabrics are starting mount up, the Dalton Mill ones haven't arrived yet so I'm looking forward to those! I'm not too sure what I'm going to make with them yet, but I'm sure I can quilt something or another, a bag maybe?

Still no UCAS or hospital news.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So tired today, I'm just sitting about watching Dr Phil and Dickinsons Real Deal, it's quite sad! I think it maybe hot vimto time soon.

Not done too much more on the towel cat, but I do have a bag of stuffing now. I did a testing stuff of the head and it doesn't look quite as bad as I thought it would, so things are looking up! I shall have to buy some eyes tomorrow when I go shopping tomorrow, we hitting the charity shops in Chorley, it's possibly the only reason to go to Chorley, there's very little else there, except pubs! I can safely say I don't miss the place, but I am looking forward to searching out some bargains! :D

I still haven't heard anything from UCAS or from the hospital, was hoping I would have had a letter from the hospital by now, I went on 27th Feb, but there's time yet, maybe something will appear later this week.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The towel cat is coming along, I managed a whole head and tail yesterday, so I'm hoping to have i finished today, although I don't know what to stuff it with, cooked pasta? My sewing skills aren't that amazing too so I can't help but feel the cat is going to look a bit like it has some sort of disability but then again that's OK, it's a special house here as it is, ha ha!

I was ment to to be going out for tea tonight at a friend's house but that's now been cancelled as I'm struggling to get out of bed and downstairs, let alone to the train station and beyond, may try tomorrow, may not, this is the joy of having a body that allows you to do different things each day. I never quite know if it's going to be a walking day or not, today it's not!

Monday, 9 March 2009

I am the reaper

Most of this morning has been spent ordering free samples of fabric from dalston mill and various sites on the wonderous interweb! I can't wait for them to arrive, espically as most of the sites say they should be here in 24 or 48 hours.
I wonder what things I will create with my free fabric samples, I may do a quilted shopping bag or something like that. I can't really go for anything too exciting as I'm only a beginner and I don't own a sewing machine, so everything has to be done by hand, which isn't easy when you are the proud owner of crippled rubbishy hands :p
This reminds me, I'm sure Mum said she had a sewing machine doing nothing that I could have, I will have to ask about this tonight! :D

Sunday, 8 March 2009

First Post

Ok, here I am I've started my blog, I've tried this before and it didn't go very well, but I'm going to try again and see if I can stick to it!
I'm thinking that I may put a link onto my toolbar that way I'll see it everyday and maybe remember to click on it and write stuff!

Anyway, today I'm all wiped out, had an Ann Summers party last night, which was fun, but I ate crisps and chocolate which I shouldn't eat and so was violently sick before going to bed :( I'm feeling rubbish but I think I may have a go at doing something creative today, maybe the terry towel cat that I found online.