Saturday, 16 May 2009


Well we didn't win but we got into the top 5 which considering the run of nil points for the last few years I think we did quite well!

Anyway...still no hospital news, as per, I'm awaiting some more NHS letters to appear as I'm being referred to other departments and being recalled to Neurology etc, there may even be a day trip to hospital if they want blood tests as I have a HUGE phobia of needles and so need to be given diazapam and so they may want me to go in and sit on a bed for the day to make sure I don't explode or something, to be honest I'm not too sure why, but hey it will be a fun filled trip out for me :p

University is getting closer, ever so slowly! I feel at the moment like I'm just doing things so that I can tick the boxes to say that I have done them! Still at least I'm getting closer to being back in the classroom! I have even thought up an idea for a future career, greeting card designing! I'm going to start now, then when I get to university I will already be able to use photoshop/flash/illustrator at a basic level at least. I do have a new found love of illustrator though, may be getting a graphics tablet off a friend soon too, which should add unknown dimensions of joy! :D

Sunday, 3 May 2009

So, I'm applying for Creative and Cultural Industries (web & multimedia), apparently there's no moving them on the A level thing with Neuroscience, so sod them! I think this is a very unfair way of doing things, it doesn't encourage mature students back to education at all. Anyway, I don't have to re-apply or anything as I'm going through Fresh Start, the bumf should arrive in the week so I will fill it in and send it off asap, I want to know I have a place at uni, I can start organising myself then, I find it hard to cope with open ends and unknowns.
Still no hospital news though, I rang the doctors on Friday and they haven't heard anything so I'm going to have to ring the hospital and moan at them a bit more! It's been 6 weeks since my MRI and 4 weeks since the response tests, I'm so fed up with having to wait! I know several people who have got ill, gone to the doctors, been diagnosed and treated in a couple of weeks or months, after 6 years I'm getting pissed off!