Sunday, 3 May 2009

So, I'm applying for Creative and Cultural Industries (web & multimedia), apparently there's no moving them on the A level thing with Neuroscience, so sod them! I think this is a very unfair way of doing things, it doesn't encourage mature students back to education at all. Anyway, I don't have to re-apply or anything as I'm going through Fresh Start, the bumf should arrive in the week so I will fill it in and send it off asap, I want to know I have a place at uni, I can start organising myself then, I find it hard to cope with open ends and unknowns.
Still no hospital news though, I rang the doctors on Friday and they haven't heard anything so I'm going to have to ring the hospital and moan at them a bit more! It's been 6 weeks since my MRI and 4 weeks since the response tests, I'm so fed up with having to wait! I know several people who have got ill, gone to the doctors, been diagnosed and treated in a couple of weeks or months, after 6 years I'm getting pissed off!

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