Sunday, 10 January 2010

Magazines and cats

Why is my cat in the cupboard? Why has she taken it upon herself to squeeze into the gap between a large bin bag of curtains and some other random junk? Why? Because she is a cat, and that's what cats do, especially this one, she is odd! Eddie on the other hand is sitting on the bed basking in the heat of the halogen heater, not to mention the electric blanket!

As for the magazines portion of the title, I wish to rant about the art of crochet magazine! It doesn't exist, I refuse to accept it does! I have seen the website and and advert on the tv, but the magazine itself is more allusive than a shop assistant in New Look! Many shops have been searched, only to produce nothing more than, 'oh we are out of stock, but trying to get some more'. I think this to be lies! I have instructed Mum to look in Wigan tomorrow, she is at the dentist there and so has to walk passed many newsagents and shops to get to the train station. I shall be oh so upset if she gets here tomorrow without it, I think issue 2 comes out soon too! *sulk*