Sunday, 10 January 2010

Magazines and cats

Why is my cat in the cupboard? Why has she taken it upon herself to squeeze into the gap between a large bin bag of curtains and some other random junk? Why? Because she is a cat, and that's what cats do, especially this one, she is odd! Eddie on the other hand is sitting on the bed basking in the heat of the halogen heater, not to mention the electric blanket!

As for the magazines portion of the title, I wish to rant about the art of crochet magazine! It doesn't exist, I refuse to accept it does! I have seen the website and and advert on the tv, but the magazine itself is more allusive than a shop assistant in New Look! Many shops have been searched, only to produce nothing more than, 'oh we are out of stock, but trying to get some more'. I think this to be lies! I have instructed Mum to look in Wigan tomorrow, she is at the dentist there and so has to walk passed many newsagents and shops to get to the train station. I shall be oh so upset if she gets here tomorrow without it, I think issue 2 comes out soon too! *sulk*

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Bloody Christmas!
The best thing about Christmas has to be Christmas Day! The reason? It's the end of all the build and bollocks that starts in August! If you don't have something by Christmas Day then you aren't going to have it, so you can't worry about things anymore! Plus, it's a day of doing very little, which is more than welcome after all the frantic shopping and worrying about whether Aunty Margo already has this set of jams, or if Great Uncle Derek will like this set of rachets. Ragh!
Anyway, it's all over now, just got New Year to get over with! I always feel that New Year's eve is always a let down somehow, it's never the big amazing wonderous event that you see on tv and things, not to mention nobody ever knows what they are doing!

Over all, I say RAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

Friday, 25 September 2009

The gibbering idiot with midnight mash

First week of classes is over, and I think the course is going to be good! I've met some nice people and my tutors all seem nice, which is always good! I just wish I could stop talking! I'm still in scared mode so I keep talking, I must look ever so confident and friendly and things but I just feel like such an idiot! All I want to do is sit in a corner with my mouth closed, but no it takes over and I waffle! egh! I should start to relax soon, and hopefully shut the hell up! I'm sure everyone hates me, I'm so sodding annoying!!!

Met a Finnish guy too, and can I remember any of my Finnish, no! Always happens, I'm fine but as soon as I need to use it the confidence and words vanish from my mind! May be a good excuse to get the books back out though, I'm sure my standards have dropped terribly with lack use, which is a shame really as I got quite good at one point! May help my English grammar too, get the verb classes and things like that stuck in my head. Hmmm...

Went out last night too, that was weird, but nice! Cheap night at Adelphi with Stu, Ian and Sarah. I like their company I think we make a nice little group of friends. Hoping to go bowling sometime soon with them too, it's only round the corner too. Not to sure how I will cope with bowling with my crappy hands, but it will be funny if nothing else!

In random news, I burned my hand making instant mash at midnight last night! I blame the bowls, I poured the water in from the kettle and it slouched round and up the other side burning my hand, which was annoying, but at least I don't have much feeling in them ha ha!

Nicky found a recipe for panda bread today, I'm going to have to make some, not too sure how it will come out gluten free, but it's worth a go. Could be good at parties and things, could make all sorts of shapes and colors etc....hmmmm

Sunday, 13 September 2009

soil and cats

I finally got some soil today!!!! The garden centre we got it from was a bit wierd though, they were just about to close the gate but let us in anyway, and we got said soil (and some pansys) then they drove out after us. They don't even close the door, just put a piece of wood across so the rabbits don't get in! Weird!
We went to a garden centre before hand but it was one of those silly ones that's expensive and sells daft things like wellies and candles. They had a cat though, he was lovely I rubbed his belly and made plans to steal him!

I start uni tomorrow and I'm starting to get scared now, I'm not worried about the course but all those people! Egh! I think I'm just going to try to get to uni a touch early each lesson, that way I can be seated and things already. I shall hide under the desks!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Been attacking the nasturtiums today, they need cutting back, I've hacked back about half of them, didn't want to get rid of them all as the bees likes them, so I will wait now until they finish flowering and start to die off. I can't believe how many seeds they have made though! I have so many in tubs drying out, and more yet outside on the soil and still on the plants, I'm going to have to give them out to people on the street! :P

I start back at uni next week, I can't wait, I'm so excited quite like a child at Christmas! I'm bit scared though, so many new people and new schedule etc, I think I shall hide in a corner and become that odd girl who never speaks and is always in the library! Bit bothered about the lighting too thanks to my crap eyes, but the optometrist at the hospital said I should get some tinted glasses from the opticians, shouldn't cost too much either as I don't need any prescription lenses. I had a bit of a look about the other day and I should be able to get some for less than £40 which is quite good, I may get some tomorrow when I go shopping with mum. It has also been recommended, by more than one doctor, that I get checked for dyslexia, as I can't focus on pages of text very well, even though I can read, I'm not thick before people start to think that of me!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'm making soap today! They are for my friend's hen night on Saturday, goodie bags are being made for everyone and I said I would make some soaps to go in. I've done some strawberries, and some clear round soaps with red hearts in them. Just waiting for them to cool and finish now and then I will be packaging and photographing them, of course.

Someone in the local area has lost their cat, I feel so sorry for them, I keep looking for it as it's only from two streets away. They have put adverts on the lampposts and I just heard it read out on the lost pets section on Radio Lancashire, so sad, I hope they find her, I will keep looking!

I've been entering magazine competitions again, just puzzles in the weekly magazines. I like to fill them in anyway, so I may as well send in the answers and see if I can get some cash out of it, costs nothing to do as you can enter online! May send in some 'tips' and some photos to see if I can get on those pages too! I shall take over the world of women's weekly magazines! That reminds me, it's Thursday, My Weekly is out today, I shall have to ask Stu to pick it up for me on his way back from work. I have a story in my mind that I'm going to write and send in, would be nice to see my writing in a magazine, don' know what name to use though, hmmmm?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Stu is off work this week and it's going quite nicely! Mum stayed over on Sunday night and she spoiled us with Dominos pizza and a bottle of red wine! Monday was spent in Wigan, sadly another trip to the dentist for a drilling of the face, but that's it now for another six months, and hopefully that will be just a check up with no work......hopefully!!! Anyway, as normal I got compensatory books, quite a few in fact, but The Works have another sale on so they were super cheap! I do love it there, I miss the one we used to have in Preston, I hope it will come back, the Wigan one re-opened so there is hope for it!

Saturday was meant to be a day rest for me, however that morning I got a letter from the hospital telling me I had an appointment that day! So off we went to the eye people and spent a fun filled three hours in Royal Preston Hospital. My eye sight is great I have no problems with the usual glasses type stuffs, and they did my eye pressure too which is weird! They put numbing drops into your eye and then touch your eyeball with what can best be described as a giant ballpoint pen. It's so strange as you don't blink or move away or anything! So, I'm going back in two months time, and in the mean time I will see (pardon the pun) some other eye folks, to test for micro squints, dyslexia, Irlen syndrome and various other randomness. It's looking like I do have some sort of eye/visual type rubbishness, but what it is still remains a surprise! :)

We are having some friends over for dinner tonight which should be nice. Stu is cooking as I'm half dead, honey and mustard chicken, which I'm looking forward too, it's something I quite like! I'm going to make a chocolate torte, but Stu is going to have to do the whipping of the cream, under my direction of course! ;)

Cat related news: Lucy likes Doritos, Eddie likes chocolate, so we have to hide these things now to stop them getting ill, and both cats can't be fobbed off with crushing worming tablets into their food!