Sunday, 13 September 2009

soil and cats

I finally got some soil today!!!! The garden centre we got it from was a bit wierd though, they were just about to close the gate but let us in anyway, and we got said soil (and some pansys) then they drove out after us. They don't even close the door, just put a piece of wood across so the rabbits don't get in! Weird!
We went to a garden centre before hand but it was one of those silly ones that's expensive and sells daft things like wellies and candles. They had a cat though, he was lovely I rubbed his belly and made plans to steal him!

I start uni tomorrow and I'm starting to get scared now, I'm not worried about the course but all those people! Egh! I think I'm just going to try to get to uni a touch early each lesson, that way I can be seated and things already. I shall hide under the desks!

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