Monday, 7 September 2009

Been attacking the nasturtiums today, they need cutting back, I've hacked back about half of them, didn't want to get rid of them all as the bees likes them, so I will wait now until they finish flowering and start to die off. I can't believe how many seeds they have made though! I have so many in tubs drying out, and more yet outside on the soil and still on the plants, I'm going to have to give them out to people on the street! :P

I start back at uni next week, I can't wait, I'm so excited quite like a child at Christmas! I'm bit scared though, so many new people and new schedule etc, I think I shall hide in a corner and become that odd girl who never speaks and is always in the library! Bit bothered about the lighting too thanks to my crap eyes, but the optometrist at the hospital said I should get some tinted glasses from the opticians, shouldn't cost too much either as I don't need any prescription lenses. I had a bit of a look about the other day and I should be able to get some for less than £40 which is quite good, I may get some tomorrow when I go shopping with mum. It has also been recommended, by more than one doctor, that I get checked for dyslexia, as I can't focus on pages of text very well, even though I can read, I'm not thick before people start to think that of me!

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