Monday, 13 July 2009


They are driving me mad!!! Both of the cats have fleas at the moment and seem to be determined to share them with anyone and anything! The house has undergone a severe deep cleaning in an attempt to kill off the little buggers. My poor ankles are bitten to bits, I don't seem to react well to bites either, they puff up in big lumps. We seem to be getting on top of things now though, so hopefully a fleafree end is in sight.

University is still a situation of great stupidity! I decided that I want to English so I went to tell them this and found out that the course I had applied for wasn't running now, so I would have had to have chosen something else anyway! So, I'm now awaiting news of a place on BA English Language Studies! *sigh*


  1. Hi Indra, glad to hear you've finally got a diagnosis (although it sucks you don't know what type of MM yet). Hope the knowing what you are dealing with has helped.
    Good luck with the Uni course. Take care of yourself.
    Ceri Watling

  2. Hi Indra, just found your blog looking for any information that is UK based for MM. I was diagnosed with MM in Jan, and haven't even been told that they are going to tell me a type. This will sound odd (I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy) but its nice to see someone my age (I'm 26) also with MM - all information I've found is based around children. Just to say good luck with uni I start with the Open Uni in Sept and they couldn't have been better. Take care Kat x

  3. Ha ha I told them I WANT to know what type it is :p I think it's most likely KSS, as thats the path my symptoms follow, but I know what you mean about nothing for adults. If you want some people to harrass then try get your GP to email them and they will sort out testing and things, but tbh a rose by any other name will still feel as crap, so it doesn't really matter :p