Wednesday, 22 July 2009

University and presents

I got a letter yesterday telling me I've got into university, so in September I shall once again be gracing the corridors of UCLAN. I'm really looking forward to it and wish it was next week I was starting! I hope the funding won't be a problem, it shouldn't be, I know I'm eligible for various things, but the worry is always there. I will fill in the forms soon, most of them aren't available yet. And yes, me being me, I have even started my book list, I think it's good to be organised and I just knew that I wouldn't be able to afford lots of books all in one go at the start of term, plus if I know in advance I can keep an eye out in the charity shops, and hopefully save some money, which I always need to do!

My friend has given me lots of soap making things, so I have been playing with it all and I have to say I think I'm addicted already! Practice is the key to these things, and if lots can be put in, then I'm hoping to be able to make some to give out as presents at Christmas.

Another thing that I'm thinking of as an option for presents are notebooks. I bought a cheap, very tack notebook the other day and yesterday I backed it in a lovely poppy print piece of material, that incidentally cost me nothing as it was part of the free sample horde! I'm very pleased with the way that it has come out, well, except the fact that there is an image on each page, I didn't know this when I bought it as it was plastic wrapped! Lesson learned; check pages!

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