Monday, 20 April 2009

The weather is very nice at the moment, we went to the pub on the docks yesterday with mum and jeff and it felt so nice to be able to sit outside. May go to the park tomorrow, I haven't been to the cafe there yet and it's been open about 12 months!
I was in garden this morning, it's coming on really well, I've planted up all of my hanging baskets and there are seeds and bulbs sprouting everywhere. I planted some more seeds this morning so hopefully they will take soon, chilli plants, melons and hanging tomatos. I planted an onion too, I took it out of the fridge as it was growing roots! I'm not too sure what will happen with it, but it will be fun finding out!
I'm hoping to go to the doctor's tomorrow, will have to ring up in the morning let's hope that we have some news from the hospital!
I still haven't heard anything from uclan yet either which is starting to annoy me, they said that I would have heard before Easter and I haven't. ahhh well!

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