Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I haven't posted in a while but then again I haven't really been online that much, the Internet is boring me at the moment, all those pages and I can't seem to find anything interesting!
So, what have I been up to while avoiding the interwebs?
I didn't make it to the Rasmus gig, I got as far as the train station, and while waiting for the train realise there was no way I was going to be able to get the train, walk to the gig, stand there for two hours and then get home, as much as Manchester hospital is meant to be nice I didn't fancy a trip there. What a shame I had spent all that money for nothing; gig tickets, train tickets, taxi to the station! Stu was very good with me though and we had a glass of wine on the station while I tried to contact people who may buy my tickets (couldn't find anyone) and then we called into the pub for one, we had to walk past anyway on the way to the taxi place, so it would have been rude not to, and anyway, I needed to rest! It was quite nice to be out having a drink though, so all wasn't lost, just angry at myself for buying the tickets in the first place, I'm always too ill to go to places and do things, so I don't know why I buy tickets anymore, never again.
Over Easter we have seen both sets of parents, met up with Stu's family in town on the Friday and had a mooch about the shops before getting soaked and coming home again! We saw Mum and Jeff on Sunday and went to Bowland, with a picnic as it was a nice day. I spoke to a lady from the local owl sanctuary, she had a sweet little owl with her called Tiddles, it's made me want an owl now ha ha!
Bank holiday Monday we did the traditional trip to the shops and bought stuff for the garden! Poundland has a great range of things, even plants! I'm hoping to get into the garden maybe tomorrow and plant up the things I bought, it's been too miserable today, and to be honest so have I!
In general the garden is coming on, I have things starting to shoot up all over the place, even in tubs on the various window sills inside, the office is quite a greenhouse! I need to get the walls painted and some trellises put up now really before too many things start to grow, I'm thinking it will all look rather nice by the end of the summer, I shall have to take some photos of it's progression.

Still no news from the hospital or from UCLAN, bit miffed with both if I'm honest, I may start ringing people if I don't hear anything in a few days.

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