Friday, 3 April 2009

Had quite a productive day today considering I had a late start due to not being able to breathe very well this morning! I've made a pin cushion out of a free sample of material from my sample stash tin, and I've planted up some pots with some salad seeds that came free in the post, and with some of the bulbs I bought ages ago from the pound shop, they were starting to sprout so I thought I should plant them up really! The living room window now has tomato seeds in it too as the pepper seeds I planted are sprouting wondrously in there, it gets so sunny and warm during the day! The other things are in the office window, just until they establish themselves, then they can be put outside.
I need to get some more planters and things really so I think a trip to pound land is in order, I shall work out what I need to get first of all and stick to the list, as I'm on a super saver fortnight at the moment!

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