Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Been into town shopping with mum today, of course as it's tuesday I have bought some excellent broken jewellery off the market stall, and a few pieces of cheese may have been gathered too (not off the same stall!) I picked up some books from the oxfam bookshop, and even manged to get one from the list of things I saw in borders, so that was a bonus!
A man in the coffee bar we went to was talking to us today, he was so nice and friendly, but not in a scary way, he was asking about my walking stick and why I had it, again I longed for the day to come when I can just say I have...but I explained it all and he was nice. I felt so sorry for him though, he was telling us how he was engaged about ten years ago to a girl he had been with for five years, and one day he woke up, and she was dead. That must be so horrible, you must ask yourself so many what ifs, what if I had woken up earlier, what if I rolled over and hurt her, what if she had been shouting and I didn't hear....would take some time to heal that wound.

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