Saturday, 21 March 2009

Egh! Just come back in from taking the photos at Darkcide, I'm not exactly feeling amazing! Tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day of pain and general eghness! I should have stayed in tonight really and rested, but no, I had photos to take and things so I went, and danced to about 3 songs, I'm a div!

Not done much stitching or anything today, just sat about being ill really. Hoping to finish the cherub of doom off tomorrow! Stu picked me up some threads I wanted today from the market, I sent him with a list which he handed to the lady on the stall, in a confused manner.

Mum coming over tomorrow, briefly, I think they are going on to Glasson Dock, I have been invited too (Stu going to Kendal to see his Mum) but I think I'm going to have to stay in a be sore instead :( Ahh well, Mum dropping off the fabric samples that I posted to her house, so I will have them to play with! I may be able to start a new project tomorrow if I get this infernal cherub finished!

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