Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So tired today, I'm just sitting about watching Dr Phil and Dickinsons Real Deal, it's quite sad! I think it maybe hot vimto time soon.

Not done too much more on the towel cat, but I do have a bag of stuffing now. I did a testing stuff of the head and it doesn't look quite as bad as I thought it would, so things are looking up! I shall have to buy some eyes tomorrow when I go shopping tomorrow, we hitting the charity shops in Chorley, it's possibly the only reason to go to Chorley, there's very little else there, except pubs! I can safely say I don't miss the place, but I am looking forward to searching out some bargains! :D

I still haven't heard anything from UCAS or from the hospital, was hoping I would have had a letter from the hospital by now, I went on 27th Feb, but there's time yet, maybe something will appear later this week.

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