Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tea and cake!

The teaparty went really well, the cakes I baked came out just as I wanted them to do and best of all quite a few people turned up! People enjoyed themselves and a few others have said they would like to have a teaparty too, I could have started a trend! I think we will be having another one in the future, would be nice to have it Alice in Wonderland themed! I'm so happy people turned up, and not only that, they enjoyed themselves which is always important. It was nice to have a party that wasn't booze and loud music centered, or at night, having a party in the afternoon works out well as people can come before children need to go to bed, or before they go on a night out to pubs and clubs.

Mun and Jeff met Stu's parents for the first time tonight, and they seemed to get along well. There was never too much worry about it though as they are quite similar people, same temperament, sense of humour, etc. I'm glad they have met though, was starting to feel a bit weird them not meeting after 1year and 9 months of being with Stu!

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a day of doing very little! I'm going to be so so tired, but there isn't anything that needs to be done, so I shall have to just relax with a book and a peppermint tea! We may have some people over in the evening for wine and (of course) cake! We need to have people over to get rid of this damn cake, Stu can't possibly eat it all! I think party bags will be given out next time! :D

All in all it's not been a bad day, although I do now have the urge to buy cake tins of many shapes!

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