Friday, 27 March 2009

Today was to be draftproofing day, I got a letter saying they would be here 'in the morning' (vague as always) so I got up and dressed at 8am. This is difficult for me as I'm as ill person and normally only get up at 11am at the earliest. So I sat about since then, and nothing! I rang them when it was about quarter to 12 to find out what was going on etc. Apparently, the details of my house were wrong (I have 20 doors according to them!) and everyone was confused etc, so nothing happened with it. They coming on Monday now, in the afternoon, I would like to note! I would be less annoyed if they hadn't done a half arsed job of my cavity wall insulation, gah to them! They came to do it, at silly am, messed about for aaages with the van and came to the conclusion that they couldn't drive it down the backs, so I could have have the front of the house insulated. They start to unload everything and finally realised they did have everything and would have to come back the next day at silly am, of course!
I told the woman on the phone this today, she was actually nice, and she said she will send a different team on Monday, John and John are coming, they proper builder men in their 50s, not the dizzy useless 20-odd year old div's I got last time!

After all this I went to Borders for coffee with Nicky and AK, this was most soothing, as was the cross stitch magazine I simply HAD to buy, hee hee. I've subscribed (again) to it today, as I keep buying it anyway! I cancelled the writers magazine subscription too, so it balances out well! :D

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