Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm exhausted today, I went into town with Mum yesterday, so today is an official day of sofa and crafting! I have a few things I want to finish, so I shall see how much I can do today, then I think I may get the massive Autumn Fairy back out! This cross stitch is HUGE, I started it about a year ago but I just had it on a large frame and I was struggling to hold it, so it got put away, but I have a stand now, so I think it's time it saw the light of day again, just hope the faffing about setting it up doesn't put me off.....again! :p

I cleaned and fixed three broken bracelets I bought from the car boot the other day, and they look great, in fact Mum has rub off with one of them as she has earrings that match it, she says ha ha, it was too big for me and my midget wrists anyway, and untakeinable :P The other two are mine though, one of them I'm very proud of as it was dirty as hell and in three pieces, it took aaaages to find on the stall, but I did and now it looks fab, just wish I had taken some before photos, I shall have to remember to do this with the next batch I get, that will be Thursday, I'm actually excited it's quite sad! :p

In other news, we think Eddie may have broken his tail! He isn't holding it correctly and it's all lumpy and obviously sore when we touch it in a certain place, but he seems happy enough and is jumping up onto things just fine and is coming for snuggles in bed etc, so he can't be in too much pain or anything. We shall keep an eye on him for a few days and if there is no change then I think we shall be taking a trip to the vet, which is going to be fun as Eddie HATES the basket, egh!

Still no UCAS news!

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