Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I've been quite creative today, I've finished off some stitching presents I've made for some friends and I think I may try and finish off something else before I go to bed, but I may do some reading or something else instead, my head hurts now :(

The weather is certainly looking up, I actually hung some washing out to dry on the line, I haven't done that yet this year. The garden is looking better too, I'm hoping to grow some sweet peas up the trunk of the plum tree Mum and Jeff brought over. The flower bed and two troughs are all planted up now too so they will look great when they start to flower. I'm looking forward to having somewhere pretty to sit in the better weather, I'm going to get a table and chairs set to put outside. I can take tea in the garden with friends ha ha!

Going to the market tomorrow, hoping to buy some broken jewellery gems to make into nice new pretty things for myself and others. Having lunch at the university with AK and Nicky and then I think we may be venturing to Abakhan for cheap fabric, whoop! I feel more creative days approaching! :)

Still no UCAS news.

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